Market Update

June 24 Market Update

Hood strawberries will be available this week from Unger Farms, Sulina and Bay’s Farm and Greenville Farm. Raspberries may be available too. Packer Orchards and Baird Family Orchards will be bringing cherries, mostly Brooks and Chelans with a few Rainer cherries coming in as well. The continued warmer and sunnier weather will improve the outlook for other crops as well. Sulina and Bay’s Farm will be bringing small amounts of carrots, lettuce, radishes, peas and fresh herbs. City Garden Farms will be coming to the market on July 1. Springwater Farm will be bringing its cultivated maitake, shitake and nameko mushrooms and wild morels, porcini (maybe) and white truffles.

As for other products, Little Pots and Pans will be bringing savory tarts and a variety of packaged salads. Serious Bread will be back with pita, bagels and its Toast of Portland toasting bread. Rogue Creamery will be bringing its excellent selection of cheeses. Russell Breads will be a variety of European style breads and savory stuffed breads.

And let’s not forget that warm, sunny weather is good for flowers too. Xiong Farmers will be making beautiful bouquets for you to bring back to your office or home.

See you at the market!

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