Market Update

June 9 Market

Nice market and nice weather last week.  More farms return this week. Here is the list of new vendors this week:

Sulina and Bay’s Farm return this week with strawberries, herbs, peas,  lettuce (maybe) and rhubarb (maybe).

Radicle Pastures is new to Lloyd Market.  A certified organic farm in St. Paul, Michael Bock will be bringing strawberries this week. Michael also grows peas, lettuce, cucumbers and a variety of other crops.

RedTree Farm, also new to Lloyd Market, is a small farm located on Sauvie Island.  They will be bringing breakfast radishes , salad mix, eggs, and goat’s milk soap this week.  Kirk and Julie  expect to have a variety of crops later this season including including corn, beans, melons, squash, kale, cucumbers, tomatoes and husk cherries.

Packer Orchards returns this week. The Packer family will be bringing their pear juice sweetened baked goods, jams and pears. Cherries are probably another week away.

As for everyone else, here is the latest as of noon June 5.

Greenville Farms will have Hood and Shuksan strawberries, rhubarb, hazelnuts, prunes and jams.

Unger Farms will have Hood strawberries.

Savory et Sweet will be making crepes.

Katie’s Gluten-Free Home Baking will be bringing a variety of gluten free baked goods.

Little Pots and Pans will have a variety of savory tarts, risotto cakes, and mini-tarts.

Rogue Creamery will bringing a great variety of artisan cheeses.

Xiong Farmer will have its usual array of beautiful flower arrangements.

THINK Unique Garden will be bringing plant starts.

Check back for updates!