Market Update

Market News – December 8 2009 Market

I’ve enough experience with winter farmers markets to know that we would have cold weather sooner or later. I guess it’s sooner. We’ll be out under the gazebo with space heaters gloves and warm drinks. It will be sunny tomorrow so other than the cold air it will be a nice day.

The tricky thing for farmers this week is harvesting. There are plenty or greens that can handle the current temperatures and bounce back once things warm up. However, most vegetables need to have a core temperature above freezing to be harvested so produce availability will be limited. A few farmers have greenhouses and cold frames and should be able to harvest. Greens like spinach, kale, chard, tatsoi, mustard greens and lettuce will have limited availability. Root vegetables such as beets, parsnips, carrots, radishes and turnips should be fine. Winter squashes should be available as well. Apples, pears, chestnuts and hazelnuts should be available too.

Pine Mountain Ranch is coming to the market this week. Pine Mountain Ranch is located in Bend, Oregon and raises bison, elk, yak, pork, chickens and other poultry. Stop by their stall tomorrow.

Here’s the expected availability list:

Rick Steffen Farm – spinach, onions, shallots, peppers, brussels sprouts, potatoes, carrots, celery, chard, beets, peppers, radishes and turnips. Rick also has ornamental pepper bouquets, cabbage roses and harvest wreaths.

Packer Orchards – pear juice sweetened baked goods, pears, apples.

Greenville Farms – cauliflower, cabbage, winter squash, potatoes, peppers (maybe), hazelnuts, eggs and jams. Sid and Louann also have wreaths.

Osmogaia – mustard greens, spinach (several varieties), kale (several varieties), chard, tatsoi, cabbage, winter squash, daikon, radishes.

Rogue Creamery – award winning bleu cheese, cheddar cheese, cheese curds and butter.

Nature’s Choices – fresh mushrooms (wild and cultivated), dried mushrooms, mushroom salt, honey, chestnuts, huckleberry jam

Bigfoot Bread – toasting bread, pitas & flatbreads, pita chips, cinnamon rolls.

Fressen Artisan Bakery – German and Austrian artisan breads and pastries.

Pine Mountain Ranch – bison, elk, yak, pork, chickens and other poultry..

Savory et Sweet: crepes, salads, drinks.


We offer 2 crepe batters. All share equipment with wheat & nuts:
White (unbleached gluten flour with real eggs, real butter & milk),
Dairy & Gluten Free Buckwheat (G.F.flour mix, buckwheat, whole grain drink, vegan butter & real eggs) Cooked in vegan or real butter ~ please sp

Chicken Caesar $7
Rotisserie chicken breast, parmesan cheese, toasted walnuts, tomatoes, caesar dressing & spinach

SW Veggie $7
chipotle cheddar cheese, green onions, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, avocado & spinach.

Cheese $5
Choice of blue cheese, colby-jack, OR pepper-jack cheese & spinach
(add ONE ingredient your choice for $1)

Blue Cheese/Pear $6
Market pears with blue cheese, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts & arugula

Lavender Pear $6
Fresh pears, toasted hazelnuts, & lavender pear-fig jam from Salem’s Sundance Lavender Farm
with powdered sugar & whipped cream

Tiramisu $6
Rum & coffee flavored tiramisu marscarpone with shaved dark chocolate, powdered sugar and whipped cream

Paris $5
Brown sugar, butter & lemon with powdered sugar & whipped cream

Dark Chocolate banana $6
with powdered sugar & whipped cream


Too cold for  Menagerie Snack Plate ~ will return when weather improves!

*New Item* Toasted Cheese Sandwich $5 whole $3.00 half
Dave’s Killer Bread with colby-jack cheese

Today’s Soup: French Onion $6/bowl or $3.50/cup
Sauteed onions in organic beef broth with dijon, red wine, sherry, thyme
Served with Fressen beer bread & parmesan cheese


Hot Tea $2
Hot Chai $3
Hot Spiced Cranberry Juice  $3
Hot Coffee: Starbucks “Via” in Dark Roast or Columbian $2.50
Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa with whipped cream $2.50
Hot Lips soda $2.25
Water $1

See you tomorrow,

Eamon Molloy
Market Manager