Market Update

Market News April 6 2010 Market

I guess I knew that the 60 degree weather in March wasn’t going to last. But the days are getting longer and the spring crops are coming in on time so I can’t complain.

Here’s the expected availability list for this week:

Rick Steffen Farm – asparagus, onions, shallots, scallions, leeks, potatoes, carrots, beets, kohlrabi, spinach, swiss chard, miner’s lettuce, broccoli, broccoli raab (rapini), turnips, tulips and daffodils.

Packer Orchards – apples, pears, jams, cookies.

Greenville Farms – prunes, hazelnuts, eggs and jams.

Nature’s Choice – fresh mushrooms (shiitake, maitake, black trumpets, morels (maybe)), dried mushrooms, nettles, miner’s lettuce (maybe), mushroom salt, honey, chestnuts, huckleberry jam.

Bigfoot Breadtoasting bread, pitas & flatbreads, pita chips, cinnamon rolls, cornbread. *SICK BACK NEXT WEEK*

Fressen Artisan Bakery – Austrian and German breads and pastries including boerek, mueslibrot, volkornbrot, pretzels, bavarian croissants, granola, fruit/almond danishes and brioches.

Little Pots and Pans – OFF BACK NEXT WEEK.

Savory et Sweet:

Menu for April 6 2010

Savory Crepes
Pulled Pork $7
Smoked pulled pork, smokey & sweet BBQ sauce, provolone cheese, sauteed red peppers, avocado, sour cream & spinach (sub soy crumble & soy cheese for veggie version)

Veggie $6
Cheddar cheese, creamy garlic sauce, tomatoes, green onions, avocado & spinach
(add rotisserie chicken or soy crumble $1)

Cheese $5
Choice of: Cheddar OR jack cheese & spinach; add ONE ingredient your choice for $1
(NON-DAIRY: soy pepper-jack, smokey provolone or cheddar “cheese” & spinach)

Blue Cheese/Pear $6
blue cheese, pear, dried crancherries, toasted walnuts & spinach

Sweet Crepes
Paris $5
Brown sugar, butter & lemon with powdered sugar & whipped cream

Huckleberry Lemon Curd $7
Nature’s Choice mountain huckleberries* with lemon curd, powdered sugar & whipped cream

Apricot $6
Dried apricots, organic apricot preserves with powdered sugar & whipped cream

Dark Chocolate Banana $6
with powdered sugar & whipped cream

*New Item* Bailey’s Haute Fudge $6
Eugene’s Paradigm Haute Fudge sauce with Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur YUM! served with powdered sugar and whipped cream

Soup: $6 Bowl ~ $3.50 cup
Chinese Hot & Sour with mushrooms*, organic chicken broth, soy sauce, vinegar, water chestnuts,
beansprouts, tofu, sesame oil, egg & green onions
served with garlic bread*

Menagerie Snack Plate $7
Selection of fruits & spring veggies, nuts, cheese and other goodies!
Served with Dave’s Killer bread with Portland’s Lilly brand roasted garlic hummus and a mini whipped cream filled crepe

Hot Tea $2
Hot Chai $3
Hot Coffee: Starbucks “Via” in Dark Roast or Columbian $2.50
Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa with whipped cream $2.50
Hot Lips soda $2.25
Water $1

I’ve been reading through vendor applications for the coming season. Nearly everyone is returning and I hope to add a few new vendors. Our market space is pretty full in the summer but with creative space management, I think we can carve out one or two more spaces. I’ll be announcing the lineup in a few weeks.

See you tomorrow,

Eamon Molloy
Market Manager