Market Update

Market Update September 30 2010

This is the last Thursday market session for 2010. I would have chosen a better weather pattern for the first year of a new market session, but we have to take what we’re given. Everything from strawberries to tomatoes to zucchini came in late. I don’t think we had a dry Thursday until July either. But we made it through the first season for the Thursday sessions. We were able to bring in several new vendors, Ammie’s Goodies, The Hummus Stop, Nectar Coffee and Soupcycle, and offer our veteran vendors an additional market day. We discovered that there are many people working and living in the Lloyd District who cannot get to the market on Tuesday but can come on Thursday. Thank you all for coming and supporting the market. We look forward to a good season in 2011 for the Thursday session. (Don’t forget that the Tuesday session goes year-round!)

Well what should we expect this Thursday? Greenville Farms will have plenty of peppers, cucumbers, squash, and potatoes. Their late season corn has started to come in and there should be plenty. Rick Steffen Farm will have peppers, squash, onions, green beans, peaches, and a selection of berries. Rick should have plums and nectarines too. Both farms will have a nice selection of tomatoes too. Radical Pastures will have broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers and fresh herbs. The Hummus Stop will have hummus, pita, pita chips, tabouli, artichoke salad and other savory items. Amaranth of Ammie’s Goodies will be back with a wide variety of gluten-free items. Nectar Coffee will be making drip coffee by the cup and have whole beans for sale. Soup Cycle will be back with three soups.

Here is the rundown for all vendors this Thursday:

Ammie’s Goodies – gluten free cookies, cakes, muffins, breads.

Greenville Farms – strawberries, cucumbers, prunes, peppers (hot and sweet), corn, green beans, zucchini, crookneck squash, summer squash, hazelnuts, eggs and jams.

The Hummus Stop – hummus (8+ flavors), tabouli, baba ganoush, artichoke salad, pita.

Radicle Pastures (certified organic): Lettuce, cabbage, pickling cucumbers, summer squash, zucchini, broccoli, jalapeno peppers, fresh herbs.

Sulina & Bay’s Farm: Flowers, strawberries, peas, carrots, radishes, lettuce, leeks, scallions, onions, potatoes, cilantro, dill, snap peas, green beans.

Nectar Coffee Company whole bean coffees, fresh brewed coffee.

Rick Steffen Farm: blueberries (very few), strawberries, peaches, peppers (a rainbow of colors), okra, eggplant, potatoes (yukon gold,red and white), green and yellow zucchini, shallots.

Soup Cycle:

This week’s soup menu

Tasty Chili (vegan)
Made with all the Earth’s goodness. Bell peppers, beans, carrots, corn, and mushrooms make this a hearty, healthy chili.

Super Cauli Flower Cheesy Fuji Apple Docious (veggie)
Wonderful Gorgonzola flavor accented by savory cauliflower and sweet Fuji apples.

Chicken, White Bean and Escarole (meaty)
A satisfying and flavorful soup.

Savory et Sweet:

Menu for September 30 2010

a tomato fest ~ by request Gazpacho is here!

Savory Crepes
Rotisserie chicken with feta cheese, red onions, garbanzo beans, tomatoes*
artichokes, roasted red peppers, capers & spinach

Rotisserie chicken, with parmesan cheese, pesto cream, tomatoes* & spinach

CHEESE with tomato & spinach $6
(choice of: feta, swiss, bleu, parmesan, muenster OR Tillamook medium cheddar)

Sweet Crepes
Creme Brulee $8
vanilla custard, caramelized brown sugar, market raspberries,*
served with powdered sugar, whipped cream & shaved dark chocolate

Peach* $7
mkt. peaches* with brown sugar and maple cream, served with powdered sugar & whipped cream

Lovely Lemon $6
Lemon curd, powdered sugar & whipped cream

Cinnamon $5
Cinnamon & sugar with powdered sugar & whipped cream

Dark Chocolate Banana $6
with powdered sugar & whipped cream

Dark Chocolate/Fleur de Sel $5
shaved dark chocolate with French sea salt

Mayan $6
Dark Chocolate, cinnamon, sugar & sea salt. Served with powdered sugar & whipped cream

Today’s Salad $7
Baby greens with market tomatoes*, shaved red onion, black olives, avocado & bacon.
Served with vidallia onion dressing & black bread with butter
(add rotisserie chicken $1)

Today’s Soup GAZPACHO!
~ made onsite today ~ $6/bowl or $3.50/cup
with market tomatoes*, cucumber*, jalapeno*, lime, olive oil, vinegar, white onion, celery, green onion* & cilantro*
Served with Big Foot Bread’s new focaccia bread*!

Limeade with basil, cucumber & blueberries* $3
Hot Lips soda Pear or Boysenberry $2.75
Water $1

See you tomorrow,
Eamon Molloy
Market Manager