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April 5 2011 Market Update

April 4, 2011

Meadow Harvest is off this week. Here is the full Tuesday vendor rundown:

Greenville Farms – prunes (fresh and dried), hazelnuts, eggs, and jams, chocolate hazelnut cookies.

Nature’s Wild Harvest – fresh mushrooms (shiitake, maitake, oyster (maybe)), hedgehog (maybe), truffles (maybe),  dried mushrooms, mushroom salt, honey, huckleberry jam.

Bigfoot Bread – OUT.

Olympic Provisions – charcuterie including Cacciatore, Chorizo Andalucia, Chorizo Navarre, Chorizo Rioja, Finocchiona, Loukanika, Nola, Salchichon, Saucisson Sec, Saucisson d’Alsace, Saucisson d’Arles, Sopressatta. Visit the website (link) for product descriptions. Not every product is available each week.

The Hummus Stop – hummus (8+ flavors), tabouli, baba ganoush, artichoke salad, tzaziki, pita.

SoupcycleThis week’s menu:

Thai-GRR! (vegan)
Tasty Tom Kha soup made with local tofu, shredded carrots, mushrooms, fresh basil, green onions and more. Watch out folks, this Thai-GRR’s got a spicy Sriracha bite!

Super Cauli Flower Cheesy Fuji Apple Docious (veggie)
Wonderful gorgonzola flavor accented by savory cauliflower and sweet Fuji apples.

Mulligatawny (meaty)
A tremendously flavorful Indian curry chicken soup. Made with cilantro, seasoned chicken, coconut milk, peppers, beans, barley and more.

Nectar Coffee Company whole bean coffees, fresh brewed coffee.

Savory et Sweet:

Tuesday’s Featured Offering
see our new citrus drink The Flu Fighter!

selected fruits & baby turnips*, veggies and other goodies (local spring vegetables are coming in!)
served with Dave’s Killer bread* with basil-parsley spread (contains walnuts), and finished with a whipped cream filled mini-crepe

GLUTEN-FREE version is available by request

TODAY’S SOUP $6 Bowl ~ $3.50 cup
Chipotle-Yam Simply Ming’s recipe:
chicken broth, bacon, lime, yams, onions, garlic, chipotle peppers & King’s Raven Pinot Gris wine*.
Served with creme fraiche and La Provence cranberry-walnut bread*

TERIYAKI MEATBALL ~ deconstructed kabob $8
pan fried chicken teriyaki meatballs, mozzarella cheese, Kona Coast teriyaki pineapple sauce (contains gluten), roasted fresh pineapple,
pan seared white onion, red & green peppers, green onions, tomatoes and spinach

rotisserie chicken breast, pepper-jack cheese, roasted poblano peppers, jalapeno yogurt sauce, green onions, tomatoes & spinach

shaved natural ham, swiss cheese, herb de Provence, green onions, tomatoes and spinach

CHEESE with tomatoes & spinach
$7 Willamette Valley Cheese Co.: chive-black pepper-jack or horseradish havarti
$7: Goat Cheddar Cheese
$6: Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar, Brie
$5: Swiss, Pepper-jack

Pineapple-rum- jam, roasted pineapple, toasted macadamia nuts & banana, served with powdered sugar & whipped cream

shaved dark chocolate and toasted macadamia nuts, fleur de sel, served with powdered sugar & whipped cream

fruit spread sweetened with cane sugar, powdered sugar & whipped cream

JAM $6
Greenville Farm’s blackberry OR raspberry jam*, powdered sugar & whipped cream

shaved dark chocolate & sliced banana, topped with whipped cream & powdered sugar

shaved dark chocolate, cinnamon & sugar plus French sea salt, topped with whipped cream & powdered sugar

shaved dark chocolate with French sea salt

cinnamon & sugar, topped with whipped cream & powdered sugar

brown sugar, lemon & butter, topped with whipped cream & powdered sugar

FLU FIGHTER $3: 16oz.100% orange-pineapple-banana juice, Nancy’s non-fat yogurt, local raw honey* & orange segment


* Denotes ingredients procured from farmers’ market vendors. *

See you at the market,

Eamon Molloy
Market Manager

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