Changes at Lloyd Farmers Market

Effective August 1, 2011, the management of the Lloyd Farmers Market will be transferred to the Hollywood Farmers Market. Managing this market has been a great pleasure and privilege. Ashforth Pacific Inc. has been a wonderful sponsor and patron of the market. No market organization could ask for a better partner. The market has developed a loyal following of customers in the 3 years I have been running involved at the Lloyd Farmers Market. But my work at the Hillsdale Farmers Market has increased in the past year and it became clear that I would need to transfer management to someone else.

I am very happy that Hollywood Farmers Market will be taking over. Hollywood Farmers Market is the city’s oldest neighborhood market (15 years old!) and has a very experienced staff and board. Hollywood will be joining the ranks of year-round markets along with Lloyd, Hillsdale, People’s Co-op, and Oregon City Farmers Markets, a definite plus. Hollywood Farmers Market also has a token program which will also be available at the Lloyd Farmers Market. Shoppers at Lloyd Farmers Market will be able to use debit cards and SNAP (EBT) cards at the market beginning August 1. This is good news for Oregon Trail Card users who have not been able to access their benefits at the market.

Thank you all for the support you’ve given the market since its inception in the summer of 2007. This management change will be very good for you, the market and the Lloyd District community. Below is the press release announcing the management changes.


Eamon Molloy

Hollywood Farmers Market Acquires Lloyd Farmers Market

July 22, 2011

It’s a very exciting time for two NE Portland farmers markets. Beginning August 1, 2011, Hollywood Farmers Market (HFM) will assume management of Lloyd Farmers Market (LFM), a mid-week year-round market in the center of the Lloyd District. Acquisition of this market will enable HFM to increase the number of customers it serves and to provide expanded farm-direct opportunities to local vendors.

Lloyd Farmers Market is a weekly year-round (excepting certain holiday periods) market, open Tuesdays from 10am – 2pm. LFM is also open every Thursday, same time, during the height of berry season, June through September.

The Lloyd market serves hundreds of employees who work in the Lloyd district as well as nearby hotel guests & chefs, visitors to the State of Oregon building, and residents of the Sullivan’s Gulch, Irvington, Eliot, and Kerns neighborhoods. It offers a tranquil environment compared to the bustling Saturday Hollywood Farmers Market with a smaller footprint and no music. Under the cover of a large gazebo, Lloyd Farmers Market is a pleasant market to shop in the rain.

The Lloyd Farmers Market began in 2007 as part of a grant to promote active living and healthy worksites. The market has most recently been owned and operated by Eamon Molloy, who also manages the successful Hillsdale Farmers Market in SW Portland. Eamon approached the Hollywood Farmers Market about taking over management of the Lloyd Farmers Market earlier this year.

“As Portland’s oldest neighborhood market, Hollywood Farmers Market has the experience to further the growth and success of the Lloyd Farmers Market. Adding debit and EBT services is a big plus to this market. Many of the current Lloyd shoppers are regulars at the Hollywood Farmers Market, making the merger a natural one as well. I will miss working in the Lloyd District but I leave knowing that the market is in good hands,” said Eamon Molloy.

Hollywood Farmers Market will recruit additional farmer vendors to fill out Lloyd Farmers Market. HFM management will also add a token machine in order to process debit and SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) transactions, enabling more customers to shop the market.

Lloyd Farmers Market is located under the gazebo in the Oregon Square Courtyard on NE Holladay Street between NE 7th Ave and NE 9th Ave in front of the 7th Ave MAX stop.

For more information contact:

Sarah Broderick, Hollywood Farmers Market, 503-709-7403,

Eamon Molloy, Lloyd Farmers Market, 503-730-8367,