Liepold Farms starts today with strawberries!


Today at the Lloyd Farmers Market, Liepold Farms starts with Hood strawberries! ProFarm Produce is now here on Thursdays only, with certified organic asparagus (and next week, cherries!).

Here today:

Greenville Farms – strawberries, fresh produce, hazelnuts, prunes, cookies
ProFarm Produce – asparagus & pickled asparagus
Savory et Sweet – crepes, soups, salad and drinks
Liepold Farms  berries
Masala Pop – Indian spiced popcorn
Scoop   handmade ice cream
Gabriel’s Bakery – breads, pastries, and bagels
The Hummus Stop
 – hummus, baba gnanoush, pita, and other Mediterranean snacks
Sulina and Bay’s Farm – fresh cut flowers, produce