And now we’ve added fresh fish to the mix!


I love summer.  And not just for the warm sunny days.  I love summer because in spite of the occasional rainy day (usually rainy Tuesday) fresh produce continues to grow, producers continue to make my favorite products and the harvest increases every week.  Summer means that fresh foods are a part of my daily life, in a huge way. 

It seems that so far this summer season, we’ve see new and exciting products in the market each week and this week is no exception.  Welcome fresh fish to the Lloyd Farmers Market and then welcome it into your kitchen!

At the market today:
Greenville Farms
 – fresh produce, hazelnuts, prunes, cookies
Nature’s Wild Harvest
 – fresh and dried mushrooms and other foraged goodies
THINK Unique – veggie starts, ornamental plants & eggs
Savory et Sweet – crepes, soups, drinks and the Menagerie Snack Plate
Pacific Northwest Kale Chips – four flavors of kale chips
ortland Creamery – Oregon chevre
Warm Springs Tribal Fish –
fresh fish
Intent Coffee Roasting – pour over style hot brewed coffee and coffee beans
The Hummus Stop – hummus, baba gnanoush, pita, and other Mediterranean snacks
Unger Farms -berries
Xiong Farm – fresh cut flowers