Perfect picnic pairings at the Lloyd Farmers Market!

Raspberries and fresh chevre. Grilled salmon with shiitake mushrooms.   Salad greens with strawberries.  Tabouli and kale chips.  These are just a few of the dishes you can create after shopping at the Lloyd Farmers Market today.   And of course while you’re preparing for your celebratory picnic, you’ll can satisfy today’s hunger with a crepe or menagerie plate from Savory et Sweet and finish the meal with a coffee made with locally roasted beans.

And don’t forget to get some flowers to make the decor as lovely as the food.

See you at the market!

At the market today:
Greenville Farms
 – fresh produce, berries, hazelnuts, prunes, cookies
Nature’s Wild Harvest
 – fresh and dried mushrooms and other foraged goodies
Savory et Sweet – crepes, soups, drinks and the Menagerie Snack Plate
Pacific Northwest Kale Chips – three flavors of kale chips
ortland Creamery – Oregon chevre
Columbia River Winds –
fresh fish
Intent Coffee Roasting – pour over style hot brewed coffee and coffee beans
The Hummus Stop – hummus, baba gnanoush, pita, and other Mediterranean snacks
Unger Farms -berries
Xiong Farm – fresh cut flowers