Tell us what you think about the market.

One important aspect to a farmers’ markets is the community its serves and creates.  We see building that sense of community as a priority and to do that we want to get to know you a little better.  We’ve created a quick survey to learn a little more about you and what you’d like to see at the Lloyd Farmers Market.  Click here to participate in this 5 minute survey.  It’s only a handful of questions, but it can help shape the future of your market!

And now on to the business of today, a ‘berry’ sunny and warm market day!

At the market today:
Greenville Farms
 – fresh produce, berries, hazelnuts, prunes, cookies, eggs
Nature’s Wild Harvest
 – fresh and dried mushrooms and other foraged goodies
THINK Unique – vegetables starts, ornamental plants and eggs
Savory et Sweet – crepes, soups, drinks and the Menagerie Snack Plate
Pacific Northwest Kale Chips – three flavors of kale chips
ortland Creamery – Oregon chevre
Columbia River Winds –
fresh fish
Intent Coffee Roasting – pour over style hot brewed coffee and coffee beans
The Hummus Stop – hummus, baba gnanoush, pita, and other Mediterranean snacks
Unger Farms -berries

See you at the market!