Give today to feed families and farmers!

One in six of your neighbors is facing food insecurity this holiday season. You can put fresh local produce on their dinner table by giving to the Lloyd Farmers Market SNAP match fund. 
The SNAP match began in 2010, and for the past eight years has distributed over $100,000 to thousands of recipients. Every time someone receiving SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) shops at the Lloyd or Hollywood Farmers Market, our SNAP match fund gives them an extra $10 to spend on fruits and vegetables.
For the past two years, the SNAP match has been supported largely through federal funding. Unfortunately, this funding is going away in 2018, and we will need to rely on local support in order to continue the program.
Today we are launching a fundraising campaign to ensure that the program can continue next year. You can give to the SNAP match program at our crowdfunding page on generosity.com. Every $10 you give means one more family can buy fresh, local fruits and vegetables.

That means more food in the pantry. That means more sales for our family farmers. And it means a healthier community:

“This program is actually helping my kids grow! They have eaten more fruit this summer than ever before.”

“I feel much more connected to the community and to the food I eat when I buy fresh and local from the farmers market. Thank you!”