Keeping Lloyd Farmers Market Safe and Healthy

The Hollywood and Lloyd Farmers Markets are closely tracking the most recent updates regarding COVID-19 from the Oregon Health Authority. As of now our markets will remain open. We will stay abreast of the latest news and post relevant updates as they come up. Safety is our top priority. See what we are doing to keep our market safe below.

Additionally, we are working on new efforts to safely get healthy food to our community and support local farmers, through a system of online pre-ordering. If you would like to help in the effort FILL OUT THIS FORM.

We are essential:
Farmers markets are essential. Despite the current health crisis, food remains a basic human need, and we provide access to nutrient dense food. With our ability to space out our vendors, provide an open-air market, and relieve stresses on grocery stores, we aim to support the safest food shopping options. Through our food assistance programming, in 2019 we provided nearly $37,000 in food assistance to low income community members. Our weekly gleaning program conducted in partnership with our local senior center donated thousands of pounds of fresh produce to seniors.

We are taking substantial the following precautions to make our market safe. Please see this page on our website to learn more about the steps we are taking and what we expect from our shoppers.

All hands on deck are needed right now and we are part of the solution:
We hope our presence and our health measures will help relieve pressure on grocery stores and provide the safest possible options for shopping. In the coming weeks, we will be working towards hosting an online pre-order system and making pre-orders available for pick up at market and drop sites, aiming to further address the food safety and access concerns of our community.

As unemployment rises, community-based food insecurity programming everywhere will be of increased importance. Including grants, our projected food assistance for 2020 was near $50,000. Keeping dollars in our local economy is especially important at this time. Our market requires that producers grow products in Oregon or Washington and, unlike at grocery stores, money spent at a farmers market goes directly back to the food producer. We estimate that our markets directed over $2 million back to local farms and small businesses in 2019.

Sending well wishes to everyone in this challenging time.