Welcome Dregs Vodka! Also – Apples and pears – mushroom tea – roasted peppers

On this beautiful day, today we’re joined by Dregs Vodka, a local distillery that gives 100% of their proceeds to Oregon charities supporting low income youth. Stop by and welcome them to the market!

Every week Kiyokawa Family Orchards has new varieties of apples and pears – today they have 18 (we counted)! Some highlights are sweet and juicy Comice pears and complex, tart and pink-fleshed Pink Pearl apples. Greenville Farms is roasting peppers again, and their tables are heaped high with fall produce.

Healing Kitchen is back; in addition to their mushroom tea, matcha and hot chocolate, they now have reishi mushroom tinctures as well.

Alleamin African Kitchen and Divine Microgreens will be back next week, Robyn’s Craft Bakehouse will be back on the 20th. We’re open today until 2pm, see you at the market!

Blind Coffee Roasters – award winning locally-roasted coffee beans
Cheng Summer Bloom – bouquets of fresh cut flowers
Dregs Vodka – locally-distilled vodka in support of Oregon charities
Finks Fermented Foods – Fermented krauts, pickles and more
Greenville Farms – blueberries, produce, honey, eggs, sausages, smoked salmon, jerky, cookies
Healing Earth – mushroom hot chocolate, mushroom matcha, mushroom tea and reishi tinctures
Kiyokawa Family Orchards – peaches, apples, pears, nectarines
Mixteca – traditional Oaxacan tamales, mole bowls, tacos, refrescos and more
Robyn’s Craft Bakehouse – rustic whole grain crackers and breads made with wheat grown in Oregon
The Hummus Stop – hummus, baba ganoush, pita and other Mediterranean snacks