Celebrate National Farmers Market Week!

Farmers markets are essential! Come celebrate National Farmers Market Week at Lloyd Farmers Market!

Farmers Market Week in Oregon is official. Thanks, Governor Kate Brown!

This week the booths at Greenville Farms and Kiyokawa Orchards are bursting with fruit and summer veggies. Greenville has sweet corn. tomatoes, tomatillos, and all kinds greens and of summer fruit. Kiyokawa has peaches, cherries, and the most amazing ciders! And Wild Roots Spirits is back with bottled and canned craft spirits!

Fermented and dehydrated shiitake flakes from Fink’s Fermented Foods. Add a tiny bit to soup for a deep umami flavor. Or sprinkle on salads like vegan bacon bits. My gosh!

See below for a full list of vendors at the market today. We’re open today until 2pm, see you at the market!

Delicious and medicinal! Maitake Mushrooms at Harvest Moon.
You can’t go wrong with Churro Cheesecake from Remarkable Wonders!