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December at the Lloyd Farmers Market

Winter is here, but the Lloyd Farmers Market is still going strong with fresh produce and other local food! Some of the vendors who are here in December, and will be here tomorrow:

Kiyokawa Family Orchards – Hood River apples and pears
Greenville Farms – fresh produce, hazelnuts, prunes, cookies
Nature’s Wild Harvest – fresh mushrooms and other foraged goodies
Savory et Sweet – crepes, soups, hot drinks, and the Menagerie Snack Plate
Portland Creamery – Oregon chevre
Nectar Coffee Company – whole beans, fresh brewed coffee
Olympic Provisions – charcuterie, kielbasa, and other cured meats
Bigfoot Bread – fresh-baked bread, english muffins, granola, and more
The Hummus Stop – hummus, baba gnanoush, pita, and other Mediterranean snacks

Just as a reminder: we’ll be here every Tuesday (except December 27 and January 3rd, when we’re closed for the holidays) from 10am to 2pm through the winter. We’re under the huge gazebo, so rain or shine, we stay dry. See you at the market!
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Market Morning at Lloyd Farmers Market

Savory et Sweet is out today but will be back next week. A new vendor, Merrill Farm, starts today with a great selection of produce. Unger Farm has blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries today. Sulina & Bay’s Farm has flowers and produce. Packer Orchards has cherries, cookies, and jams. Bigfoot Bread has cornbread, jammin’ oat bars and English muffiny biscuits. The Hummus Stop is here too. See you at the market.

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Market Day Posts, Photos

Market Morning at Lloyd Farmers Market

It’s a sunny morning at the market. Unger Farm has a great selection of berries. Greenville farm has berries, lettuce, onions, jams and hazelnuts. Nature’s Wild Harvest has wild blackberries and mushrooms while Packer Orchards has cherries, cookies, and fruit empanadas. Savory et Sweet is assembling Snack Plates as I write this post. See you at the market!

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