Enjoy the cooldown and support farmers today at the Lloyd Farmers Market!

It feels lovely right now at the Lloyd Farmers Market, particularly in the shade of the gazebo. Greenville Farms has a bounty of fruit today – strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, Marionberries and cherries! But some of these will be the last of the season, or at least for a while. They’re still assessing the damage from three days of unprecedented heat, but they have definitely lost a substantial amount of their berry crop for this season. Today is a great day to come out to the Lloyd Farmers Market, support small farmers and get some delicious fruits and veggies!

For all shoppers receiving SNAP/EBT benefits, we are continuing to offer an increased Double Up Food Bucks match of $20! Stop by the info booth for details.

See below for a full list of vendors here today. See you at the market!


$20 SNAP/EBT Match,Marionberries, Cherries and Raspberries! 😯

Hi all! Did you know that it is always 5 degrees cooler under the Lloyd Farmers Market gazebo?! Come join us for a cool shopping experience!

Greenville Farms has marionberries, cherries,and raspberries, as well as artichokes, zucchini, green onions, lettuce, herbs, and more. Cheng’s has the most amazing seasonal bouquets. And 503 Distilling is back, with canned craft cocktails that are just perfect for a hot summer evening!

But our biggest news is that Lloyd Farmers Market now offers up to $20 in SNAP/EBT match! Use up to $20 of your EBT benefit, and get matched dollar for dollar up to $20 in Double Up Food Bucks! $20 EBT = $20 EBT tokens +$20 DUFB = $40 worth of food!

It’s a great day to shop at the market – see you soon! See below for a full list of vendors here today.


Microgreens, mushrooms, mousse and more today at the Lloyd Farmers Market! (+strawberries)

Today at the Lloyd Farmers Market we’re joined by two new vendors! First Leaf Microgreens joins us with a variety of fresh microgreens, and Goddess Mousse is here with delicious and rich plant-based chocolate mousse. Stop by and check them out; both booths are located outside the gazebo by Esan Thai cart.

Greenville Farms has Hood and Albion strawberries, as well as artichokes, zucchini, green onions, lettuce, and lots of other early summer produce! Harvest Moon Mushrooms has chestnut and oyster mushrooms (farmed in SE Portland) and wild-foraged morels.

See below for a full list of vendors here today. See you at the market!


Today at the Lloyd Farmers Market: Hood strawberries, hot sauce, baked goods and more!

It’s June, and for the first day of meteorological summer we have a beautiful sunny day at the Lloyd Farmers Market! Excitingly, the long-awaited Hood strawberries are here, at Greenville Farms’ booth. These little deep-red bursts of flavor are an Oregon treasure – not available elsewhere in the US – and an ephemeral one. The season for Hoods usually only lasts about three weeks, so get them while they last!

We also have a new vendor joining us today: Newk’s Hot Sauce! A hot sauce maker based in Portland, stop by and check out their flavors including Smoky Chipotle and Groovy Green. If you need even more heat, Fink’s Fermented Foods has some new spicy ferments – Fire Carrots and Caulifire.

Unger Farms returns soon – they’ll start their season next week, June 8th. Masks are still required for everyone 5 and older. See below for a full list of vendors at the market today. See you at the market!