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Market Morning at Lloyd Farmers Market

Savory et Sweet is out today but will be back next week. A new vendor, Merrill Farm, starts today with a great selection of produce. Unger Farm has blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries today. Sulina & Bay’s Farm has flowers and produce. Packer Orchards has cherries, cookies, and jams. Bigfoot Bread has cornbread, jammin’ oat bars and English muffiny biscuits. The Hummus Stop is here too. See you at the market.

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Market Day Posts, Photos

Market Morning at Lloyd Farmers Market

It’s a sunny morning at the market. Unger Farm has a great selection of berries. Greenville farm has berries, lettuce, onions, jams and hazelnuts. Nature’s Wild Harvest has wild blackberries and mushrooms while Packer Orchards has cherries, cookies, and fruit empanadas. Savory et Sweet is assembling Snack Plates as I write this post. See you at the market!

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Market Update

Market Update December 21 2010

This Tuesday is the last Lloyd Farmers Market session of 2010. We are closed next Tuesday and re-open on January 4 2011. Thank you all for your support.

Vendor Updates: Star Anise Kitchen is off this week but Savory et Sweet will have its full lunch menu available. Weather conditions are pretty bad in the Gorge so Packer Orchards will not be at the market tomorrow. They expect to be back next week.

Here’s Tuesday’s vendor rundown:

Ammie’s Goodies – Gluten-free baked goods. This week’s menu

Pecan Pie – delicious caramel yumminess – Christmas special whole pie for $16 normally $18-$20 slice $3 – gluten free and vegan! You would never know!
Holiday Sweet Biscuits with fresh fruit jam thumbprints – yummy cross between a scone and a cookie with Greenville Farm’s local jam – $2.25 ea 4 for $8 or 6 for $12. Great for parties and little gifts.
Caramel Almond Delights – lovely almond cookies made with almond flour – $2.25 ea 4 for $8 or 6 for $12 – mix and match with sweet biscuits-
Oatmeal chocolate chip with coconut and walnuts – a new favorite. $2 ea 6 for $10
Christmas special mix and match any cookies or biscuits – one dozen for $18
Mix and Match 6 of any cookie or biscuit for $10.

Rick Steffen Farm: chard, spinach, brussels sprouts, potatoes, carrots, kohlrabi, beets, peppers (maybe), onions.

Greenville Farms – prunes (fresh and dried), winter squash, hazelnuts, eggs, and jams, chocolate hazelnut cookies.

Nature’s Choice – fresh mushrooms (shiitake, maitake, oyster (maybe), chanterelle (maybe)), dried mushrooms, mushroom salt, honey, huckleberry jam, sprouts – Lentil sprouts, Sprouted Red Winter Wheat, Yuletide (aduki, mung, pea), San Francisco Blend (Peanuts, Mung, Adzuki, Black, Crimson, Eston, French Blue & Green Lentils, Green, Speckled & Bill Jump Peas, Black, Brown & Beige Garbanzos). Gift packs also available.


Olympic Provisions – charcuterie including Cacciatore, Chorizo Andalucia, Chorizo Navarre, Chorizo Rioja, Finocchiona, Loukanika, Nola, Salchichon, Saucisson Sec, Saucisson d’Alsace, Saucisson d’Arles, Sopressatta. Visit the website (link) for product descriptions. Not every product is available each week.

Little Pots and Pans – *OUT UNTIL JANUARY *

Fressen Artisan Bakery – pretzels, German and Austrian breads and pastries, stollen.

The Hummus Stop – hummus (8+ flavors), tabouli, baba ganoush, artichoke salad, tzaziki, pita.

Nectar Coffee Company whole bean coffees, fresh brewed coffee.

Meadow Harvest: dry aged beef and lamb.

Packer Orchards: OUT BACK JANUARY 4th.

Star Anise Kitchen: OUT BACK JANUARY 4th.

Savory et Sweet:

selected fruits including kiwi grown in Corvallis! & veggies* and other goodies
served with whole grain bread with roasted red pepper spread and finished with a whipped cream filled mini-crepe

GLUTEN-FREE version is available by request

Today’s Soup
$6 bowl ~ $3.50 cup
Bacon Potato Chowder: organic chicken broth, bacon, potatoes, fresh corn, potato flake (thickener),
celery, white onion, parsley, butter, garlic & cream
Served grated white cheddar w/black pepper, and Fressen Beer bread & garlic butter

* NEW ITEM* Combination Plate $7.50
Cup of today’s soup, side salad & bread


Sweet Briar Farms grass-fed sausage*, fireroasted poblanos*, onion, avocado, tomatoes, sour cream and spinach*

pan seared yams with chipotle powder, blackberry catsup, fresh blackberries, creme fraiche, toasted walnuts and spinach

shaved natural ham, brie or blue cheese, fresh pear, spinach*

CHEESE with tomatoes* & spinach*
$6: brie, white cheddar with black pepper, feta
$5: medium cheddar, swiss, pepper-jack, provolone

white & dark chocolate peppermint bark with candy cane bits, powdered sugar & whipped cream

confit of Italian plums, red wine, cardamom, powdered sugar & whipped cream

dark chocolate with mixed, salted deluxe nuts (no peanuts), powdered sugar & whipped cream

lemon curd, topped with whipped cream & powdered sugar

shaved dark chocolate & sliced banana, topped with whipped cream & powdered sugar

shaved dark chocolate, cinnamon & sugar plus French sea salt, topped with whipped cream & powdered sugar

shaved dark chocolate with French sea salt

cinnamon & sugar, topped with whipped cream & powdered sugar

brown sugar, lemon & butter, topped with whipped cream & powdered sugar


HOT TEA $2 HONEY STICK* $0.25 (free with tea)
HOT DARK COCOA with whipped cream & sprinkles $3

See you tomorrow,

Eamon Molloy
Market Manager