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Market Morning at Lloyd Farmers Market

Savory et Sweet is out today but will be back next week. A new vendor, Merrill Farm, starts today with a great selection of produce. Unger Farm has blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries today. Sulina & Bay’s Farm has flowers and produce. Packer Orchards has cherries, cookies, and jams. Bigfoot Bread has cornbread, jammin’ oat bars and English muffiny biscuits. The Hummus Stop is here too. See you at the market.

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Market Day Posts, Photos

Market Morning Update July 5th

Better late than never, raspberries and cherries are available today. Unger Farms has Cascade Dawn raspberries and Packer Orchards has Chelan cherries. Greenville Farms and Unger Farms have strawberries as well. Nature’s Wild Harvest has porcini, maitake, and shiitake mushrooms today. THINK Unique Gardens is back this week. Suzanne has a few tomato plants left if you need them. Fressen Bakery is out today (update) but Savory et Sweet, Nectar Coffee, Xiong Farmer, The Hummus Stop, and Soupcycle are all here today as well. See you at the market.